Special Effects Artist Creates the Most Epic Video Ever To Sell His Old Car.

Special Effects Artist Creates the Most Epic Video Ever To Sell His Old Car.

Sometimes it’s hard to sell a 10 year-old vehicle that’s served you well. Visual effects artist, Eugene Romanovsky gives his a send off worthy of a Hollywood blockbuster. In fact, several, including Mad Max, Jurassic Park and Apollo 18 not to mention scenes out of every car commercial ever made. But it’s not all special effects though. He does a great job of selling the features of his old car too.


Known as a Sidekick in the US, the Suzuki Vitara is Romanovsky’s “best friend” for 10-years. But he decided to sell it and, at the same time, test out some new software for his job as a visual effects supervisor at Gravity, a Tel Aviv-based agency.


His video starts out pretty conventionally showing an offroad vehicle being driven off the beaten path…not too spectacular.


Then, he borrows a page from so many car and truck commercials, showing his Vitara on top of a rock in the middle of nowhere.


At 96 horse power, this ’96 SUV can climb even the largest sand dunes.


It’s even friendly to the environment with a new exhaust converter.


And it’s so powerful, it can keep up with a cheetah in low gear.


The Legend, the Beast, the Hero can even conquer Jurassic Park.


And it can outrun a herd of what ever these are.


It’s also maneuverable enough to to drive underneath a distracted dinosaur.


Not afraid of closed roads, this old car drives everywhere you want to go and even some places you don’t…


like Mad Max’s Fury Road.


The “96 Vitara out runs them all.


It can even outrun an avalanche.


Did I say it can go everywhere?


This is where the Romanovsky gets really creative.


Rising out of the ocean, the Vitara is launched into space alongside the space shuttle.


Then it lands on the moon.


Well, crash lands anyway.


But it’s got a great speaker system which, you know, is important on the moon.


It can even travel back to earth…


and land Back to the Future-style.



Still smart


Still Trendy


Still Sexy



My best friend for 10 years.


Romanovsky really does have a Facebook account. You can check it out here.


Note the intro to the credits…


When you watch this video, you’ll never look at an old Suzuki the same again.


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