This Small Business’s Clever Branding Helps Kids Eat More Fruits & Veggies.

This Small Business’s Clever Branding Helps Kids Eat More Fruits & Veggies.

What’s a mother to do? You make nutritious meals for your kids but they won’t eat their vegetables. You put a pea on their plates and they have a melt-down. Mandy Mazliah, a British mother faced this struggle each day until she got sneaky hiding fruits and vegetables in her kid’s meals.

“Getting my children to eat five portions of fruit and vegetables a day has proved to be impossible.” She writes in her blog, where she shares her hidden fruit and vegetable recipes.

Instead of using a cookie-cutter template for her blog, Mazliah turned to British designer and Illustrator, Vicki Turner to create the brand identity for Sneaky Veg her blog which captures the sneaky, yet good intentioned methods of making wholesome fruit and veggie recipes into kid favorites.


There’s a lot to learn from this creative solution, starting with a fun, playful color scheme. It’s not hard to see where the designer got her inspiration.

The Sneaky Veg logo is simple and adaptable and features an ice cream cone—something every kid likes. Yet, by adding a leaf to the straw, it turns the straw into a stem and thus the scoop of ice cream into a fruit. Now something some kids find detestable is transformed into something yummy which is the true essence of her brand.



When you combine this idea of transformation with a fun color scheme, it makes for some pretty creative and kid-friendly illustrations which are featured throughout the site.


The tagline: fruit and veg recipes kids love is set in all caps using Futura Bold, which makes it as simple and clear as the illustrations.

If you’re looking for fruity or veggie goodness for kids (as well as us grown-ups) hop over and be inspired at


And if you have a sneaky veg recipe idea you’d like to share, send it to or via twitter @sneakyvegblog.


To see more of Turner’s work you can check it out here:

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