Johnny Depp Show Up at Disneyland and Freaks Everybody Out. Twice

Johnny Depp Show Up at Disneyland and Freaks Everybody Out. Twice

What’s more entertaining than the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland? Having the animatronic Jack Sparrow replaced with the real thing. Earlier this month, word got out that Disney was doing some filming in the park and it didn’t take long for rumors to fly that Johnny Depp was there. Guests flocked to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride in hopes of catching a glimpse and some really lucky riders were in for a treat.


Here, Depp poses as the animatronic Jack Sparrow, as he waits for the next boat to arrive.


Coming to life, Depp shocks riders and demands, with his famous Jack Sparrow swagger, that they give him all their cash… “and that camera.”


People are amazed and thrilled at what they’re seeing.


As the boat departs, Jack Sparrow can’t believe that no one has handed over the loot.


The stunt was part of the marketing for the latest movie, Dead Men Tell No Tales, the fifth in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.


Meanwhile, word gets out of Depp’s appearance at the park and guests line up in front of the ride to get a glimpse of Jack Sparrow for themselves.


And they were not dissappointed.


All phones and eyes are on on Depp.


Here’s the video of all of Jack Sparrow’s entertaining antics at Disneyland. You won’t want to miss it.


However, this is not the first time Johnny Depp has made an appearance at Disneyland.

In 2010 he was live-streamed into an electronic movie poster in the park as the Mad Hatter to promote the movie, Alice Through the Looking Glass, the sequel to the Alice in Wonderland.


Filmed in a remote location, park goers got to see Depp looking out at them from the kiosk, at first, doing not much more than blinking his eyes.


Then, he moves and draws them in…


And flashes a Mad Hatter smile.


”I would like to die right now if that’s Johnny Depp.”


Eventually, more than a few people realized that they were not only seeing Depp as the Mad Hatter, but actually interacting with him.


When the Hatter sneezes, bubbles float out from the kiosk.


Not to worry, Depp told them. It was only Hatter snot.


Not everyone was amused.


Check out this fun behind-the-scenes video of Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter.

Disneyland truly is the most magical place on earth and even more so when Johnny Depp shows up to entertain the crowd. Now that’s remarkable, advertising.


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