You’ll Be Amazed at All The Work That Went Into This Play-Doh Ad Campaign

You’ll Be Amazed at All The Work That Went Into This Play-Doh Ad Campaign

For its 60th birthday, Play-Doh has released a hand-made print and poster campaign titled, “In the World of Play-Doh,” which is proof that if you don’t forget how to dream like a child, beautiful things happen. These ads were created using 948 pots of color, all to illustrate some simple Play-Doh truths. “We hope the world looks a little bit more like that in the years to come.” says executive creative director Alexander Kalchev.


Here, an artist works on making one of the trees for the campaign. Each tree took two to three days to make and each one had to remade at least eight times.


With the trees in place, an artist gently places a mushroom with a snail on top of it onto a rock. No detail was spared.


In the World of Play Doh when asked “Is it possible to survive a head transplant?” The answer is “Yes.”

Every single element from the print and poster campaign is made from Play-Doh including the text, the logo, and the tagline.


71 characters were created for this campaign. Here, you can see the talent and detail that when into making each one—from the hair and teeth all the way down to the fingertips.


An artist puts finishing touches on a tree while a chorus of Play-Doh creatures looks on.


In the world of Play Doh, if there is one thing that has never been a problem, it is definitely the mix of colors.

Here you get a good look at some of the 25,483 blades of grass the team created for this campaign.


It took 4 months to get the look and feel just right.


…and 10 months to finish the project.


In the world of Play-Doh, you don’t see dozens of species disappearing daily. Rather it’s the other way around.

Created for both grown ups and kids, these ads were definitely a labor of love. The team, however is not finished. They will be unveiling a social media component later in the year.


If you ever wanted to know a little of the 60-year history of Play-Doh, check out this video. You’ll come away with some interesting fun-facts to share with your kids.


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