How to Customize Your Drop-Down Menus

How to Customize Your Drop-Down Menus

When we decided to create an app to help us plan and track our own marketing, we wanted to make everything as easy as possible. We did our best to eliminate repetitive tasks like entering a vendor for your marketing or a location it will impact or even which competitor did the specific marketing piece.

We eliminated these tasks by having drop-down menus that you can pre-populate. There are two ways to do this.

Here’s How to Customize Your Drop-Down Menus in the Planner Details.


To add a new vendor, just click on the drawer to open it. Then click the NEW VENDOR button.

The New Vendor form comes up. 

The only required field to add a new vendor is the name of the vendor, but if you fill in the email address, it will pre-populate the Email Send Field if you ever choose to send to a file to that vendor through the app.


To add a location, click on the Location Drawer to open it then click ADD LOCATION.

You will need to give each location you add a name. Use whatever you typically call that location like Main Street office, West Adams store etc. The location and the address are required fields because the app generates zip codes in the vicinity. You can add or delete these in the My Account section of the app.


Here’s How to Customize Your Drop-Down Menus from My Account.

Click on My Account in the upper right.



Next, click on the Locations link from the list on the left. Then, click the ADD button in the upper right.

Now, enter the information for your first location.

This is what it looks like when you are done.


To add the name of the newspapers in which you or your competitors advertise, click the Newspaper link and then the ADD NEWSPAPER button on the right.

Next fill in the name of the newspaper and any other information you would like to store.


Now, do the same for your vendors…


and for your competitors, too.

Here’s How to Customize Your Zip Codes in My Account.

Once you add your locations, you can click on ZIP Codes from the list on the left.

You will see a list of zip codes in and around the area of each of your locations.

Click ADD ZIP CODES for a specific location and the overlay will appear.

You can add zip codes by entering new ones in the list on the left. Then click the ADD button.

If you have more to add, you can continue adding them 8 at a time.


To delete zip codes, click on the Delete ZIP Codes link. Then click on the ones you want to delete.

They will move from the right column to the left. Then click DELETE. By doing so you will be grooming your zip code lists to reflect the areas to which you actually mail.



If you’re planning a direct mail piece, these zip codes will also show up in the ZIP Code drawer in your Planner Details.

You can select which zip codes you want to mail by selecting them on the left.

They will move into the right column. Then, click SAVE.


The zip codes you selected will be listed on the right and will be included in the email you send to your vendor.

Here’s How to Add or Change the Name of Your Business in My Account.

Open My Account and click on Contact Information from the list on the left then click the Change Button.

Next, enter the name you want to appear on the menu bar and click Update.

When you click out of My Account, your new business name will appear.

That’s all there is to customizing your drop-down menus. We made planning your marketing so easy that if you can drag-&-drop and point and click, you can create a marketing plan effortlessly.

If you have questions or need help along the way, send us an email and we’ll be happy to help.

Happy Planning!

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