Creative Market Honors its First Million Dollar Artist in this Moving Video

Creative Market Honors its First Million Dollar Artist in this Moving Video

Self taught graphic designer, Nickie Laatz decided to put her gifts to work for herself by opening a shop on the Creative Market website. Through her tremendous talent and insight, she became the first designer there to reach a million dollars in sales. Not wanting to let this opportunity go by, Creative Market honored Nickie and made a pretty great customer success video.


Hey Nicky! We think you’re pretty great and we wanted to say a few words…


It’s not easy being filmed and honored at the same time especially when you don’t know what to expect.


Creative Market got several of Nickie’s peers to send in videos of congratulations.


This entrepreneur and stay-at-home mom was incredibly moved and honored.


Nickie explains her motivation and design philosophy in an interview with Creative Market.


“Being able to do what you love and create what you want is the best part about being an entrepreneur.” Nickie says.


She is not just an artist, however. Nickie is also a savvy and creative marketer too.


Half the job of making items to sell, is creating awesome product images.


“Even the most experienced designers need shop owners to help them see how the product can be used.”


75% of consumers list the quality of a product’s image as the most important factor in a buying decision.


Her advice? “Make time to create the items that you as a designer truly enjoy,” Nickie says, “and create momentum around trends.”


“Take in all sorts of info about color palettes, shapes and pretty stuff that you see in your daily life. Use all of this inspiring, visual info as a creativity catalyst when you’re throwing yourself into a design project.”


“I always like to think there are no true mistakes in terms of how you showcase your product, as long as you’re having fun and you’re happy with what you make.”


The video ends with the team at Creative Market voicing their own congratulations. And they can be proud of themselves, as well. They did a really great job of highlighting the success of an artist who embodies her brand.


At the same time, inspiring others.


You can watch this emotional, customer success story here.


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