Modern Postcard Thanked Me For My Business With This Unexpected Gift Box.

Modern Postcard Thanked Me For My Business With This Unexpected Gift Box.

Today, I received a package in the mail from Modern Postcard, the vendor I used to print my folded business cards. I distribute these cards to local businesses to let them know about our app, PlanHappyAdvertising. I went with Modern Postcard for two reasons: First, they gave me a really great price for the quantity and, second, I knew I would be pleased with the quality.



The cards were delivered to my door several days sooner than promised. But a few weeks later, I received the unexpected…

Modern Postcard had sent me a package. What struck me first about the box, was the tape they used to seal the package. As you can see it is red so it stands out against the light color of the box.

When I turned the package over to slit the tape, it had the words THANKS for choosing Modern printed on it. I love it when companies use every opportunity to express their message.


The tape also included icons for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and the headline: GET SOCIAL. Underneath was this request: Share a picture of your project and mention or tag Modern Postcard so we can share your post with our followers!


Sharing the image is good for Modern Postcard. It shows that they have another happy and proud customer. And it’s good for too since more people will be exposed to our app.


I’m a Star in Their Galaxy

When I opened the box, there was my name written in a constellation-inspired font against a starry background. It also included the words: You’re a star in our galaxy.


In the bottom right, you can see that the white of the Modern Postcard logo stands out strongly against the darkness of the landscape but doesn’t interfere with the message.


Next Came the Offer…

On a background of more stars was a very large, time-sensitive offer of 20% off my next order. The most effective marketing efforts use time-sensitivity to engage consumers to take action.

The bottom half had my name printed in large bold font. In marketing it’s always good to use a person’s name and now, they had used it twice.


Here is the rest of the copy:

Thanks for choosing Modern Postcard. We’re proud to share the universe with clients like you. So, what’s in the stars for your next print project or direct mail program?

I’ll help you craft a stellar marketing campaign that engages new prospects and keeps your current customers purchasing from your business. Simply call or email me and we’ll get started!


Modern Postcard pre-primed the pump for the next project (which is good psychology) and they did it in the form of a question because questions beg to be answered.

They promised to help me, not just create my next piece, but craft it which reinforces the quality of their work. I use the word they to refer to the company, but the copy was written in the first-person which enhances the relationship I have, or will have, with my rep.

I particularly liked that Modern Postcard understands and acknowledges the two sides of marketing a business: Engaging new customers and getting more sales from existing ones.

The final words were: Simply call or email me and we’ll get started!

The bottom included an image of the rep, his phone number and extension in red, his signature (which made it personal), his title and his email address.


The Overall Effect:

Modern Postcard chose a theme. The typography and images followed that theme and so did the copy which made for a very strong message.

The typography was well done. The printing was excellent. The paper was great quality. The writing was stellar (if you don’t mind me using their own words) and there was plenty of white space.

Underneath the thank you card, were 16 notecards printed on quality paper. Here are four of the five different styles and, of course, a Modern Postcard pen with which to write.



On the back of these cards was Modern Postcard’s logo and contact information. If I send a notecard to my friends, they will discover this unobtrusive marketing message waiting for them on the back.



But wait. There’s more…

When the expiration date for 20% off my next order was just around the corner, I received an email reminding me to take advantage of the offer. Here it is.



This marketing deserves to be recognized because it contained:

—A memorable way to thank me for my business

—A way to make it personal so that I know they see me as a person and not just a print job

—A way to give me other samples of their work

—A way to have me share their work with others

—A way to share my work with others

—A way to keep themselves present in my experience.

—A way to remind me to take advantage of their offer.


Now, that’s a winning combination.


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