Hi There. We’re John & Sandra Guerra.

As small business owners, we knew we had to do a better job with our marketing—from the big picture, down to the small details—and we needed an easy way to plan, track and store it as well.

You see, we sell and service a product most people wish they didn’t need and although our market is small, we have a lot of competitors who advertise relentlessly.

So, from an idea written on the back of a napkin, to a fully functional suite of tools, we bootstrapped PlanHappyAdvertising and began using it in our own small business.

After just eight months, we increased our sales by 49% over the previous year.

How did we do it? Very simply, we became better marketers.

You see, marketing is visual and it’s a lot of details that are impossible to keep track of in your head. Not even the best marketers can do that.

It also requires you to have answers to specific questions in order to make the best decisions for the future. This is where PlanHappyAdvertising, has really helped us.

We are more relaxed
because we no longer have to rack our brains to remember our choices and we no longer have to expect each other to remember what we did in the past.

We save time
because we know exactly where to go to find the information we’re looking for.

We have less anxiety
about planning our future marketing because we don’t have to know or decide everything from the start. This makes the process a lot more approachable.

We feel empowered
because each and every time we drop icons on the calendar or select a marketing piece from our archive or run a report, we’re being proactive which always feels great.

We enjoy peace of mind
because we have the right tools to help us plan, track & store our marketing easily.

With PlanHappyAdvertising, we became better marketers and you can too. Check out the tools for yourself. PlanHappyAdvertising truly is the simple, visual & fun way to plan, track & store all your advertising.